CPRI Approved Panel Board Manufacturer


Quality Policy

Shilpam Power Links Work With 'Zero defect' Concept in all the operations. We have envolved a number of fool-proof systems to achieve this Quality Policy. Everyone at Shipam remains pledged to meticulously practice the program and procedures in every sphere of activities with the ultimate objective of achieving the prescribed quality standards within the given time schedule. Every items used in manufacturing various systems and installations are subjected to strict quality checks prior to use and purposeful stage inspection are invariable carried out at different stages. We , of course, ensure that every component used is branded and accompanied by necessary Test Certificates from its manufacturers and every', assignment is executed in strict conformance to the Indian Electricity Rules & Regulations. It is this answered commitment to the stated Quality Policy that keep us in good stead and helps us survive in this highly competitive market.

Safety Policy

Shilpam Power Links recognizes the essentiality of an absolutely safe environment which protects the health and save the precious life of every one. It is this recognition which prompts conscientious efforts to ensure that all prescribed safety standards are scrupulously followed by each and every person on and off-site. Safety Planning thus forms the most integral part of all planning that go into execution of any project. The emphasis of our Safety Policy is that everyone accepts the responsibility for the safety of self and others and makes continuous effort to inculcate Safety consciousness amongst the cadres through training. Strict monitoring of implemented Safety systems and evaluation of their effectiveness in a sustained manner is another important aspect of our Safety Policy. This, undoubtedly, helps us to eliminate unsafe procedures and practices.